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Don’t mess with Texas


How do you like to help? If it’s earning money for college, joining thousands of Texas-loving friends to clean up our roads, or cleaning up your own campus, you’ve reached the right place.


If you tend to follow your own road, why not put your name on it and make it official? All you have to do is adopt a section of a Texas roadside and clean it up four to six times a year. The first highway to be adopted was right here in Texas—now it’s your turn. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Report a Litterer

Did you catch that car in front of you throwing trash out the window, or notice litter flying out of a truck bed? Here’s an easy, anonymous way to remind litterbugs they Don’t mess with Texas.


Everyone is welcome to grab a friend and come participate in the state’s largest single-day cleanup event, organized by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Don’t mess with Texas, and Keep Texas Beautiful.

Road Tour

Nothing says Don’t mess with Texas quite like a road trip. Our summer road tours feature fun litter prevention activities and events in communities across the state.